Porch pirate caught on video stealing package from doorstep

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - This is a big weekend for online shopping, which means more opportunities to rip off home deliveries.

A porch pirate was captured on camera in Colorado Springs Saturday night stealing a package from a neighborhood near Lower Gold Camp Road and 21st Street. The package was gone in under one minute.

"Within 45 seconds it was gone," said the homeowner Steven Vaughn.

Steven Vaughn shared his Ring doorbell video with 11 News because he hopes its a deterrent for the thieves. We show you videos of these kinds of crimes all the time, but it's a good reminder on a weekend when so many people are holiday shopping online.

"I got her face. I got her vehicle description," said Vaughn. "So, they picked a fight with the wrong person."

The home security video shows a silver car drive past the porch at first. Then, the driver backs up and parks before a woman gets out and walks towards the front door. You can see the woman pulling her hoodie over her head as she walks and swipes the package that had a video game inside.

Whoever it was had to deliberately drive into the isolated neighborhood. Vaughn's street is a dead end.

"i just want them to stop doing what they're doing," said Vaughn.

His camera caught some unique details. The car looks like a silver Mitsubishi. It has a spoiler on the back. The video shows at least two people inside. One is the woman seen stealing the package.

Here are some tips to prevent holiday package theft:

Request delivery notifications
FedEx and UPS offer services for customers. You can request notifications on your deliveries from your phone or email and then monitor your orders so you know when packages will arrive.

Require a signature
Always require a signature on your deliveries to ensure packages are not left unattended at your door step.

Schedule deliveries
Schedule your deliveries for a specific time when you know you will be at home.

Send deliveries to an alternate address
Send your deliveries to an alternate address that you know will be monitored like your workplace, a neighbor's house, or a FedEx or UPS location.