Standoff in Fountain ends, suspect in custody

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FOUNTAIN, Colo. (KKTV) - A wanted man was in the El Paso County Jail Thursday morning following an hours-long standoff in a Fountain neighborhood.

Fountain police said 48-year-old Jason Flores surrendered around 11 p.m. Wednesday. According to arrest papers, Flores had a felony
warrant in connection to a shooting last week in Colorado Springs off of East Fountain Ave.

Officers said they were called out to the 500 block of Windsor Lane around 3:30 Wednesday afternoon to look for a wanted suspect. According to officers, the suspect shot at police as they approached the home.

“We don’t know how many shots at this point,” said Lisa Schneider, Fountain’s public safety information officer.

She said no officers were hurt but would not say if any returned fire. Arrest papers say officers fired back at Flores.

Officers evacuated people who lived in the Crest Mobile Estates and were willing to leave.

“There are some that refused to leave, and that is OK, that is their choice to do that,” Schneider said. “But we want to make sure that we’re keeping everybody in the surrounding area as safe as possible.”

She said Colorado Springs police, the El Paso County Sheriff's Office SWAT team and the Metro Fugitive Task Force worked with Fountain Police to end the standoff.

“Our goal is to work as peacefully as we can with the individual inside,” Schneider said. “We want him to come out and surrender peacefully. That is our goal and we will continue to work toward that.”

After he surrendered, arrest papers say Flores told police, "Right away the cops said his name and told him to come out with his hands up because he was surrounded. Mr. Flores said he was in the house when a "bomb" got thrown through the window. Mr. Flores stated he got "pissed" and shot his gun through the window. Mr. Flores said he wanted them to leave him alone and take him serious but stated he was not aiming at cops. Mr. Flores described firing three shots out of three different locations in the residence (3 shots every time). Mr. Flores mentioned he did know the people outside were police officers."

He's facing 5 attempted murder charges for the five officers he allegedly shot at.