'Portraits of Valor': Officer dedicates art to heroes, including Deputy Flick

Portrait of Deputy Micah Flick, by Jonny Castro Art
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PHILADELPHIA (KKTV) - "There's a human side to a police officer. It's not just a police officer killed. It's a husband. It's a brother. It's a wife. It's a son. It's a daughter."

Jonny Castro has created more than 170 portraits, each one dedicated to heroes killed in the line of duty. His latest piece of art is dedicated to an El Paso County Sheriff's deputy killed on Monday, Deputy Micah Flick.

"The story about how Deputy Flick was killed, it was very tragic," Castro explained to 11 News over the phone. "I was trying to capture him the way his family and friends remember him."

Castro is a forensic composite artist, U.S. Army combat veteran, and is currently working as a police officer in Philadelphia. His first-ever portrait was of a fallen officer killed in the line of duty in Pennsylvania.

"It's just a way to give back," Castro said. "I could do any kind of art but it doesn't really mean anything ... this final product will be hanging in their family's living room. It means a lot to me."

Castro says he expects the portrait of Flick to arrive in Colorado Springs sometime at the end of this week. He provides his work free of charge and pays for the printing and shipping.

"We take care of each other, and this is just another way of me being able to take care of my Thin Blue Line family."

He manages a Facebook page with the portraits on display, Jonny Castro Art, Portraits of Valor. Click here to visit his page.

Castro added he plans on creating a portrait for Deputy Zack Parrish. Parrish was working for the Douglas County Sheriff's Office when he was killed in the line of duty on Dec. 31 in an "ambush-style" attack.

Castro also created a portrait of Deputy Heath Gumm, an Adams County Sheriff's deputy who was killed on Jan. 24.