Police interview with accused teen killer reveals new details about triple stabbing

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - For the first time, 11 News is hearing a first-hand account from a teen accused of killing his brother and sister. Malik Murphy was back in the courtroom Friday where a video was played of his interview with detectives from the morning of the murders. In it, Murphy admits to stabbing his siblings and father and says it was something he "had to do."

In court, about 45 minutes of a roughly 2 and a half hour recording was played of Murphy's interaction with detectives on the morning of the murders. The lead detective on the case was also questioned by both the prosecution and the defense.

In the video the lead detective questions Murphy about having thoughts in his head about the killings. Murphy says he has been struggling with homicidal thoughts for months.

According to arrest papers obtained by 11 News, Malik Murphy's father Vinnie told police he was sleeping in his bedroom when he woke up to screaming in the basement. When he went to check it out, his son allegedly began stabbing him with a knife.

The attack happened in early morning hours of Oct. 17 as the family slept. Murphy reportedly went after his siblings first, and it was his sister's screams that alerted the rest of the household and likely saved lives, his uncle said.

"Malik met me at the top of the stairs as I was going to turn the corner to go down the stairs," recalled Vinnie Murphy. "I was face to face with him for a split second, then I see the knife raised and come down into my neck."

At this point, no one knew that Malik had already attacked his little brother and sister. Melissa woke up to find her husband and son fighting in the garage. With a knife sticking out of his neck, Vinnie was punching Malik and holding him down.

"It was such confusion. It's 1 a.m. and Vinnie's still yelling, 'He stabbed me!' And Vinnie is reaching around me and he is still punching Malik," Melissa remembered.

One of their other sons, 14-year-old Elijah, called 911. In such a state of shock, Sophia's grandma didn't even realize at first what happened to the kids. And then it became all too clear.

"I heard her [the grandma] yell, 'Sohpia's been stabbed!' So I run and I don't know Sophia's upstairs, I don't know she's up there, so I go running upstairs to the room and I find my Noah and he's at the bottom," Melissa wept as she replayed that night out loud. "He was out of bed, he was on the floor, like he was almost to the stairs, and there was so much blood. I knew he was gone. So I left him. I hated leaving him but I had to find Sophia. So I ran up the stairs and found her outside my door."

In an interview, Murphy told the detective he often had "homicidal ideations." He said he wanted to live alone at the home and he purchased a knife several months ago with the plan to kill his family. Murphy told the detective his plan was to kill his entire family and bury them in the backyard.

Part of the evidence in this case includes mental health records that detail years of intensive therapy, mental hospital visits, and a trial of medications. The parents say Malik Murphy admitted that he had killed animals and that he had thoughts of killing his family. Malik even went as far as calling police on himself last summer.

Malik Murphys attorney focused most of his questions in court on his client's mental health. He asked about a specific part in the interview video where Murphy is left alone and starts talking to himself, repeating words like "I'm sorry," and "Please stop." He is also seen banging his head against the wall.

Friday, the judge decided there is enough evidence to move forward with the case. Malik Murphy's next court date is set for April.