Police: Video appears to show two people using drugs at skate park in Pueblo

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PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) Police say they want to talk with the two people in a video that made its way onto Facebook.

KKTV blurred the faces because it isn’t exactly clear what's happening, but police say they might've been using drugs at a skate park on the East side in Pueblo.

“It looks to me that they’re probably doing drugs but I don’t know. I don’t know what drug they’re using, it just appears to be,” said Franklin Ortega, a sergeant with the department.

It shows two people at the skate park and police say it appears they're shooting up drugs, but they can't be 100 percent sure. They aren't facing any criminal charges at this point.

This brings into question a larger problem here Pueblo. Rachael Haddan lives in the city and she said constantly finds needles in parks when she takes her daughter to them. She said she's even gone to Walmart to buy gloves so she can throw the needles out properly.

"I'm constantly scouring the playground trying to make sure they're safe for my daughter and I have this panic when she runs ahead of me because she's going to get there before me and I have to make sure there is nothing there that can hurt her,” said Haddan.

Pueblo police said that the parks department cleans up the parks every day but it's a public area and people can come and go at any point. If you do see a needle in a park, police want you to call the parks department because they have the right tools to throw that needle away correctly and safely.