Police K-9 helps catch one of Colorado Springs' most wanted suspects

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - A Colorado Springs Police Department K-9 named Kylo is being credited for helping to catch one of the city's most wanted crooks.

Zackary Burns made several appearances on our "Monday's Most Wanted" segment until he was captured last week. Burns is accused of attempted murder, robbery, even snatching a 72-year-old woman's purse in broad daylight.

"It played out pretty well," said Officer Jason Falette.

Officer Jason Falette and Kylo were working on an unrelated call near 19th and Uintah last week when police spotted Burns. When officers with a Tactical Enforcement Unit attempted to contact him, police say he immediately ran.

"We got lucky and got a perfect area to have a foot chase," Falette said. "He ran into a wide open field and we managed to be in position ahead of him.”

Falette says the suspect ran directly towards him and Kylo. Officers gave several canine warnings, but says Burns continued to run.

“Almost immediately after Kylo was deployed I think he realized he was not going to be getting away. He immediately dropped on the ground, put his hands out, was shouting that he surrendered," said Falette. "He didn’t want any piece of it at that point.”

Falette says the arrest is a textbook example of why having police canines can really help out an operation.

“A lot of the suspects that we encounter, they are not afraid of the police. When we show up and we’re in uniform ... often times they’re not afraid of our tools and our guns and pepper spray. But, very, very often when that dog comes out, suddenly they decide they don’t want to fight anymore.”

The Colorado Springs Police Department has a K-9 unit that supports patrol divisions. The dogs also assist other operations and help outside agencies.

Kylo is a patrol service dog with CSPD. Kylo and Falette help with searches and stop suspects intent on assault, evasion, or escape. Kylo is a German shepard mix that just turned 2 years old in July. The dog has been with CSPD for one year.