Plow crews prep for first snowfall

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Snow plow crews in Colorado Springs were all geared up and ready to go Thursday morning for the first expected snowfall of the season.

The Public Works Department had crews out paving roads and installing pipes Wednesday, but by the end of the day, crews were prepping all 40 plows to be ready for the snow.

“Everything’s going to be hooked up and ready,” said Jack Ladley, the public works operations manager. “Don’t know that we’ll need everything, but again, this is a good opportunity for us to exercise those muscles in preparation for the coming winter.”

All the snow plow drivers went through training in September to get ready for the snow season.

“We’ve only got about a half a dozen new folks, so we’re sitting really well in terms of experience and in terms of ability,” Ladley said. “Most of our team has at least one snow season under their belt.”

Ladley said crews did not pre-treat roads Wednesday because it was too warm.

“One of the de-icing chemicals we use can actually make the road slick if we are not careful,” he said. “On a day like today, if we went out and pre-treated, we may end up causing a problem.”

Ladley said he wants drivers to remember to take it slow out on the roads and give plow drivers plenty of room.

“Those men and women have their hands full in that plow,” he said. “They’re not just driving. They’re operating controls. They have a computer system inside that they’re trying to operate, so there’s a lot of things that they’re doing. So don’t assume that they see you, and be patient because they’re out there trying to make those roads safe.”