Pikes Peak Humane Society rolls out new Bite Blotter

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - The Pikes Peak Humane Society rolled out their newest online feature on Monday.

The Bite Blotter is the first of its kind and will hopefully help decrease the number of animal bites in El Paso County.

The blotter shows people the type of animal involved in the attack, how severe the bite or attack was, the victim, whether a person or animal, the victim's age, and where the victim was bitten. It even shows if the pet has a history of bites.

The Humane Society wants pet owners to pay more attention to pet safety.

"Putting information out there is -- just kind of refocuses our energy on promoting responsible pet ownership," said Lt. Lindsey Vigna at Animal Law Enforcement.

The site already has reports from January on it. It also shows past situations just to give the public an idea of what they deal with. The blotter will be updated every week.

Animal Law Enforcement tells 11 News they responded to more than 1,000 domestic animal bites in the past year. That comes out to three bites per day.

There is a link to the Bite Blotter under the red Find It button on our homepage.