Permanent homeless shelter opens after years without one in Pueblo

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PUEBLO, Colo (KKTV) - The Pueblo Rescue Mission had its grand opening today after not having a permanent homeless shelter in years.

The last few winters, the city has opened a temporary emergency warming shelter for the homeless. Now, the permanent location is on 4th Street in downtown Pueblo.

The shelter had a soft opening at the end of January with basic needs, like bathrooms and beds. Today, they will serve their first warm meal in their complete kitchen.

"There's been a lot of different things we had to finish. We kind of moved in when it was still a bit in progress, but we could still have occupancy," said executive director Kathy Cline.

The building was primarily funded by the Department of Local Affairs. The shelter has about 100 beds, separating men and women.

"It's amazing, and it wouldn't happen without Pueblo. The state gave us what we needed to really do the work...but the community, I mean every day they're bringing us more and more things," said Cline.