Man hit by truck with frosted windshield near South Nevada and Las Vegas

Published: Dec. 10, 2019 at 6:48 AM MST
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A pedestrian was hit by a truck near the South Nevada Kum & Go Tuesday morning in what police are calling an avoidable accident.

Lt. Jim Sokolik with the Colorado Springs Police Department says had the driver taken a few minutes to scrape ice off his windshield, he likely would have seen the person crossing the street.

"That appears to be a significant contributing factor," Sokolik said.

The crash was reported around 5:45 a.m. and caused major traffic issues for drivers trying to reach downtown by effectively shutting down two of the major roads leading there. South Nevada was closed in both directions between I-25 and Mill Street until 8 a.m., while northbound Tejon Avenue has been closed for several weeks at Las Vegas due to ongoing construction.

The driver appears to have been detouring off of Tejon at the time of the crash; police say he was turning onto Nevada from Las Vegas when he hit the pedestrian, who was in the crosswalk.

"[The windshield] just has a small portion scraped for viewing. It was very minimal," Sokolik told 11 News reporter Catherine Silver.

Sokolik said it's critical all drivers take the time to give themselves a clear 360-degree view from their vehicle before hitting the road, even if it means getting up those few minutes earlier.

"You can't drive in an unsafe manner. You have to be able to see. ... This was a tragic event that really probably could have been avoided if that person had cleared their windshield."

The pedestrian suffered serious injuries. Their condition has not been updated Wednesday.

Colorado Springs Police says there are a few different statutes and ordinances that could apply to having a snow or ice-covered vehicle. State law does not require drivers to specifically remove ice or snow, but drivers are

Colorado State Patrol says that means you have to have a clear windshield. Your windshield needs to be cleared off so that snow/ice or anything else does not block you from seeing through it clearly. This also means you need to clear off your side windows so you can see around you and check your mirrors.

CSP says the fine for having an obstructed view is $48.50. It's also a primary offense, which means you can be pulled over for it. Drivers can also be cited further if involved in an incident.

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