Elderly man hit and killed by car east of downtown Springs

Police investigate an auto-pedestrian crash at Boulder and Platte on Aug. 18, 2019.
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - An elderly man was killed when he was hit by a car early Sunday afternoon.

The victim was trying to cross Platte Avenue using a raised median near Boulder Street when he was struck. The intersection is located east of downtown Colorado Springs in the Knob Hill neighborhood.

"We had a single vehicle traveling west in those center lanes and it struck the pedestrian after he stepped off the curb," said Lt. Jim Sokolik, a spokesperson for the Colorado Springs Police Department.

The driver kept going because there was no place to do a u-turn, causing witnesses to think he was fleeing the scene. Officers confirmed after getting to the crash site that the driver did return.

"The vehicle proceeded on because of the way the traffic here is formatted," Sokolik said. "It looks like the vehicle came, turned around and parked."

Police say there is no indication speed or alcohol played any role in the crash. The pedestrian was reportedly not in the crosswalk

"That will certainly be part of that investigation, determination on whether or not there’ll be charges filed," Sokolik said when asked if the victim not being in the crosswalk could play a part in whether the driver was charged.

Sokolik warned drivers and pedestrians both to do their part in preventing future fatalities on the roads.

"I’d ask drivers to pay attention. Watch what’s going on. Watch for those pedestrians who may not be using the crosswalks. For the pedestrians, I’d say use the crosswalks. Realize that drivers may not see if you’re not using those designated areas to cross.”

"Any fatality is higher than we want to see."