PPD: Woman swallows drugs after being caught in overnight burglary

PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) A woman was caught trying to steal from a house overnight, according to Pueblo police.

PPD said thanks to an alert neighbor, officers quickly got there and stopped the burglary on Monument Avenue in Pueblo. The caller said there was a man and a woman at the scene. The man took off and left the woman behind, police said in a tweet.

When officers got there, the woman told them she had swallowed a bunch of drugs as they were arriving so she is being checked out at the hospital.

Officers checked out her info and found out she had a felony no-bond warrant out for her. She faces burglary charges.

According to Pueblo PD records, a woman by the name of Ruthy Danielle Ruybal was booked just after midnight on Thursday morning for burglary, criminal impersonation, and criminal mischief after an incident on Monument Ave.