PHOTOS: Colorado deputies cleared in deadly shooting during traffic stop

DOUGLAS COUNTY (KKTV) - An investigation found that three Douglas County deputies involved in the deadly shooting of a man during an August 2018 traffic stop will not be charged.

Paul Edward Askins was killed in the shooting on August 31st in the southbound lanes of Highway 85 in Sedalia.

Photos from body and dashboard camera photos clearly show Askins holding a gun and one of the deputies on the ground where he had fallen next to the vehicle.

This is what played out at the scene according to an investigation by the 18th Judicial District Attorney's Office.

Douglas County Sheriff’s Deputies Gage Walpole and Larry Arguello were cut off on Highway 85 near Delva Road by a black truck that also almost hit another off-duty deputy. Askins was in the back seat.

The deputies say Askins provided them a false identity, and they believed he may be under a restraining order . They went to arrest him. Deputy Walpole ordered Askins to get out of the vehicle. Askins leaned forward then opened the door quickly while also holding a silver pistol.

Walpole backed away but fell backward onto a slope. According to body camera video, he yelled, "Don't move, don't move!"

Askins allegedly pointed the gun at Walpole who fired 10 rounds. Arguello fired 8 rounds. Deputy Joe Pollack, who came to help with the traffic stop also shot a round.

Askins was shot eight times. He has a felony history including a conviction for negligent homicide and had been in prison several times. He may have been suicidal according to friends and family who talked with investigators afterwards.