Only in Colorado Springs: Noodles & Company tests new name and food

Published: Jun. 1, 2017 at 7:51 PM MDT
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A new name and menu items are being tested in Colorado Springs for Noodles & Company before being rolled out nationwide.

The restaurant has officially changed its name to "Noodles World Kitchen" as of Thursday in the Springs. On top of the name change, Noodles is testing a variety of new features and menu items exclusively in Olympic City USA before potentially rolling them out nationwide.

The new tests include:


Noodles is now adding protein directly to their bowls to add value and to streamline ordering for the guest

Tomato Sauce:

Noodles made its tomato sauce better by switching to San Marzano Tomatoes for the Penne Rosa base; San Marzano tomatoes are a sweeter tomato with less water and acidity than a typical tomato, creating a better base for their sauce

Oven Roasted Tomatoes:

Noodles swapped Roma tomatoes for oven roasted tomatoes in many of dishes, such as Pesto Cavatappi, Alfredo Montamore, and Penne Rosa; they even added these the Caesar Salad to give it a bit more flavor

Cheese Sauce:

The Wisconsin Mac & Cheese has historically been Noodles’ best-selling menu item, and the cheese sauce is now even cheesier, with a slightly sharper cheddar profile

Sauce Portion:

Noodles has increased the sauce portion in many dishes to gives guests more flavor in every bite

Rapid Pick-up:

guests who order online or with the app and pay ahead of time can just walk in and grab their meal off the shelf by the front counter

Rewards App:

NoodlesREWARDS is being tested throughout Colorado Springs, which allows Noodles to reward guests with coupons and specials offers such as a free bowl or special discount code