Armed fugitive on the run after allegedly shooting at Colorado Springs police officer

Randy Bishop

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) -- An armed fugitive is on the run right now. He reportedly stole an officer's gun, fired at that officer and likely still has the weapon.

Colorado Springs Police said earlier in the afternoon on Monday they were in pursuit of a wanted man, Randy Bishop, when Bishop crashed the car he was driving.

Bishop was arrested but taken to Memorial Hospital for his injuries. According to police, while being treated, Bishop tried to escape the hospital but was tackled by a detective. The two got into a scuffle and Bishop was able to grab the officer's gun and allegedly fired it at that officer before running off.

Police said Bishop stole a silver BMW and drove off. Officers do not know where he is. Police did report they found the stolen vehicle in Colorado Springs Police could not share details on where or when the vehicle was found.

The officer who was shot at was not hit by the bullet, but does have some minor injuries from the fight.

The original call came in as a report of an active shooter, but police told us there was not an active shooter and no one else was injured.

If you have any information on Bishop's location, you're asked to call (719) 444-7000.