Oh deer! Buck gets stuck and rescued from storm ditch twice

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - A two-day-long saga finally ended happily for a buck trapped in a storm ditch near Ute Valley Park.

It all started sometime before Tuesday morning when Colorado Parks and Wildlife got a call from a concerned neighbor, who had noticed the buck was stuck.

"I found out the neighbor has video of this buck sparring with another buck, and he was pushed down into the channel by another buck," said Corey Adler, the district wildlife manager for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Adler said they checked on the buck Tuesday, who for the most part seemed no worse for wear, so wildlife officials opted to see if he could get out on his own first.

But Wednesday morning when the buck was still stuck, officials knew they needed to intervene.

Though the "tail" has a happy ending, it wasn't without drama on the way:

The story appeared to be over. But the deer had other ideas.

Walked away -- right back into the ditch.