Man sentenced for his role in string of robberies

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV/Gazette) - UPDATE (3/16/18): A young man apologized Friday as he learned his sentence for his role in a string of robberies that led to a deadly liquor store robbery. It was all part of a month-long crime spree.

"My actions cannot be explained," Dustin Logan said in court. "I feel ashamed."

Logan, 20, was sentenced to 10 years and six months for his class 3 felony charge of robbery with use of a deadly weapon. Logan was one of four teens arrested for a crime spree in early 2017 that included 11 robberies in Colorado Springs.

Phinehas Daniels, a 13-year-old and a 16-year-old were also arrested. Daniels and the 13-year-old were both facing first-degree murder charges for the killing of 67-year-old Donat Herr. Daniels, 19 at the time of the crime, pleaded guilty earlier to charges of second-degree murder and aggravated robbery for the death of Herr. Herr, the owner of Empire Liquor, was shot and killed while working on Feb. 15 of 2017. The store is at 3381 N. Academy Boulevard.

Daniels' sentencing is set for May 10. He faces 50 to 70 years in prison. The 13-year-old was sentenced back in November to six years and six months for his role in the crime back in November. The 13-year-old's sentence was the result of a plea bargain.


UPDATE (6/12/17): We now know how police tracked teenage suspects in a deadly crime. Court papers were sealed but we now know what's in them.

They're all about a string of robberies that terrorized businesses in Colorado Springs.

According to court papers obtained by our partners at The Gazette, it was their clothes.

Court papers state their clothes caught on surveillance cameras during robberies, were later found in Facebook pictures, in their homes, and one suspect reportedly wore the same shoes to an interview with Colorado Springs police.

Armed robbery, after robbery, after robbery had clerks across the city on edge.

"It’s just scary I'm like, what can be done against that? You know it's like, I don't know, everyday it’s like am I going to be next or not,” clerk Kerstin Butler told us during the height of the crime spree.

From mid-January through mid-February, court papers tied 11 robberies to four teens. In March, police announced the arrests of Phinehas Daniels, 19, and Dustin Logan, 19, alongside a 13-year-old and a 16-year-old.

Daniels and the 13-year-old are facing murder charges for the deadly robbery at Empire Wine and Liquors. Store owner Donat Herr, 67, was killed. A third suspect in the shooting remains on the run.

According to the court papers, Daniels admitted to police that he held the door, but denied shooting the victim. Police said they found caliber casings in two other crime scenes linked to Daniels, and live rounds in his home.

Daniels will be back in court in August. Logan will be in court next month. Of course, you can count on 11 News to let you know what happens.

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PREVIOUS (3/17): A string of robberies in January and February were committed by the same group of teens, Springs police announced Tuesday.

The robberies eventually escalated into murder when a liquor store clerk was killed during the teens' alleged final hold up on Feb. 15.

Three arrests were made last week following several search warrant executions on March 2. A fourth arrest was made Tuesday, the same day police announced the other three arrests.

Dustin Logan, 19, Phinehas Daniels, 18, a 16-year-old boy, and a 13-year-old boy are all facing charges in connection with the following robberies:

01/17/17 7-Eleven 4325 S. Carefree Circle
01/18/17 7-Eleven 2350 Hancock Expressway
01/18/17 Shell 6445 Source Center Point
01/27/17 7-Eleven 1760 Shasta Dr.
02/06/17 Kum & Go 2422 Research Parkway
02/06/17 7-Eleven 331 S. Hancock Ave.
02/15/17 Empire Liquors 3381 N. Academy Blvd.

Police say the suspects were armed in the majority of the robberies but never used their weapons until the night of Feb. 15 when they shot and killed 67-year-old Donat Herr. Daniels and the 13-year-old are facing first-degree murder charges for his death.

The 16-year-old was already in custody for sexual assault charges when he was served an arrest warrant for the robberies. He's also tied to a separate robbery of a pizza delivery driver; police say he and two men ambushed the driver and robbed him with assault rifles.

In one robbery on Feb. 6, police say the suspects stole a clerk's car after holding him at gunpoint and robbing the store. They didn't keep the car for long; officers found the car later that morning.

Police have not said if they believe these suspects are connected to any of the other 70+ open robbery cases in the city, or how many other suspects remain at large.