'New duck disease' killing geese in Colorado, keep away from sick and dead birds

 Photo courtesy: Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Photo courtesy: Colorado Parks and Wildlife (KKTV)
Published: Feb. 27, 2019 at 4:14 PM MST
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It should go without saying, but wildlife officials in Colorado are urging the public to stay away from dead or sick birds.

The message comes as waterfowl are dying tied to a bacterial infection known as "new duck disease." The disease primarily affects waterfowl but can spread to other birds. Most of the dead birds have been found in the Denver metro area.

The Denver metro area is home to large populations of resident Canada Geese year round. Large migratory flocks of geese make temporary residence in the Denver area during the winter months. These large, congregated flocks create ideal conditions for various illnesses to travel among their populations.

If you come across a dead waterfowl, you can report it to your local park or managing entity if it is on private property for removal.

If you have any questions or concerns you're asked to call Colorado Park and Wildlife, the Northeast region, at 303-291-7227.

In the Pikes Peak area you can contact the Southeast Region at 719-227-5200.