Neighbors warn about suspicious people peeping in windows

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) Neighbors are trying to get the word out about two people looking into their windows, and trying to talk their way into the house.

One man says when he confronted them, they told him they wanted to test the water. Springs Utilities says that probably a scam.

Raymond Baird lives close to the Springs Airport on the south east side,
He says the people didn't seem very legitimate when he caught up with them.

"I said, did one of you guys just knock on my door?" Baird explained. "And they were like 'oh yeah, but we are here just testing water!" they had fake name tags.

Baird said he saw one of them peering around the side of a house while the other one distracted the homeowner at the front door.

That's when he called the police.

Sargent Larry Morgan with CSPD told 11 News it's always a good move to get more information.

"My best advice would be to question what is going on, question these people as to who they are, question what their identifications are, what identification cards they may have and ask them to state what their exact purpose is," Morgan said.

Still, if the pitch is convincing enough, one neighbor admits she might have been tricked.

"There are a lot of things that people can do to fake people out," Laryen Johnson admitted.

"Some people are a lot more gullible than they might want to lead on.

Baird says he can't be sure exactly what those two were up to, but he did say this.

"Stop what you are doing, go get a job."

Springs Utilities told 11 News they would never come out to someone's home unless the customer called them to ask for help.