Neighbors rush into house fire to wake sleeping family

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Andrew Grubb and Matthew Struys said it was an instinctual reaction: they saw flames and they ran.

“Yeah, that’s pretty much it,” Grubb admitted, chuckling.

The two happened to glance out behind Grubb's home early Saturday morning and noticed a detached garage on 6255 Sopresa Lane was fully engulfed in flames. The truck inside and the yard fence was also on fire. They ran past it and knocked on the families back door.

"Took him a while to get to the door," Struys pointed out.

"Yeah he was in his PJs, you could tell he just woke up," Grubbs added.

They let the homeowner know what was going on, and he ran back inside to evacuate the family. Struys and Grubb stuck around between the burning garage and the smoking home before the door opened again, and they told that man's wife the same thing.

"We asked if everyone was ok and I guess her husband was getting everyone out of the house," Grubb said. "We asked to go through the house and we made sure they were all out before we left.”

The pair had already called 911 this point, and firefighters said if they hadn't been called sooner out to the neighborhood near Woodman Road and Tutt Boulevard, the fire could have caused even more damage to surrounding homes. Many of them have serious damage just from the raw heat.

Firefighters confirmed the whole family made it out ok with no serious injuries. They are still looking for the exact cause of what sparked the fire.