Neighbors banding together to stop car break-ins

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Residents say their neighborhood is getting hit with a wave of crime, the latest including car break-ins near Rockrimmon Boulevard in northwest Colorado Springs.

“This is the first incident where I actually had to go back and review footage,” Eric Harris said, catching the suspects on his home camera.

The thieves are shown pulling on door handles, looking for unlocked cars.

“People are saying [the suspects] are leaving their iPads alone, like they are not touching their valuables, it’s such a quick thing," Harris said. "They are targeting the glove box and then going through there and then off to the next.”

The thieves have reportedly been snatching the title and registration from the vehicles, and sometimes the garage door too.

In neighbor Lesli Slate's case, she says the suspects rummaged around her family's truck but ended up not taking anything at all.

"Kinda creepy," she told 11 News.

It's enough to rekindle to disbanded neighborhood watch.

"We've kinda connected a lot of the neighbors on the Nextdoor app," said Davina Bohnert, who is leading the revived neighborhood watch program.

Neighbors said they plan on adding extra security to their homes and making sure they are locking their car doors.

"We have the floodlights; any activity past this tree will trigger them," Bohnert said. "I want to put a camera on top of the garage and floodlights. We might not stop all of this, but at least we can put the faces up."

"It's surprising because it's happening right at your house. It's something you don't expect. Crime happens everywhere, but when it happens right at your house, it makes you angry. ... Your neighbors are being taken advantage of and people are stealing from your neighbors," Harris said.

"It makes you angry."