Mystery surrounds "hundreds" of carp dying in Lake Pueblo

Published: Aug. 3, 2018 at 2:54 PM MDT
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As of Friday experts weren't able to explain the mysterious die-off of hundreds of carp in Lake Pueblo State Park.

A viewer reached out to 11 News concerned about the die-off. He said he first noticed "thousands" of dead fish last Friday. Most of the dead carp were found around Turkey Creek.

"There is no obvious reason for the die-off, which was first discovered on July 27 when park rangers on a routine boat patrol noticed approximately 10 dead carp in the area," Colorado Parks and Wildlife stated in a release. "By Sunday evening, park visitors were reporting seeing “dozens and maybe hundreds of dead carp” in the Turkey Creek area on the far west edge of the lake on its north banks."

An investigation was launched after park staff were notified. Aquatic biologists only have theories for what caused the die-off. Experts say the die-off represented a "small portion" of the carp population in Lake Pueblo.

It appears as though the die-off has ended, but biologists are keeping an eye on the situation.

If anyone sees carp struggling or dying they are asked to contact park staff.