Murder victim's family upset man involved will be released from prison early

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) A man involved in the brutal slaying of a taxi driver will get out of prison early.

Philip Swaba was the victim. His family does not agree with the decision made by the Colorado parole board to let Christopher Gray out three years early.

"When we got up there this is what we found, it's an outline of my dad’s body. The amount of blood that was spilt that night, it needed justice done,” Philip’s daughter Felina told 11 News.

Philip picked up three homeless men that night in 2002. Arrest papers say the three men plotted to rob and kill him when he picked them up in his cab. Their destination: a remote road south of Manitou Springs.

Swaba was stabbed several times and his throat was slit. The men walked away with 16 dollars.

His daughter was watching the news when she found out her dad was murdered.

"You know it's not good when they're showing crime scene tape and your dads cab, and you know it's your dad's cab because the little bear on his meter,” Felina said.

Two of the men, Joseph Marino and Larry Upton were sentenced to life without parole. The third, Christopher Gray pleaded guilty to 2nd degree murder for his involvement, saying he didn't cause Swaba's injuries. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

"You can't forgive something like this. I'm not asking that he get the death penalty because that was never on the table. I am asking that he do his mandatory time.” Felina said.

Gray could be released by as early as next month under parole.