Man sentenced for killing 3 in Colorado Springs DUI crash

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - A man was sentenced to 12 years in prison, four years for each of the lives he took in a DUI crash.

A tearful Austin Weisse learned his fate Monday for the 2017 crash that killed a couple in their 70s and his own brother.

On the night of July 27, 2017, 73-year-old Danya Daily and her husband James were heading north on Babcock Road in east Colorado Springs. At that same time, prosecutors say Weisse and his 31-year-old brother Trevor were speeding and driving erratically on Galley Road.

The two vehicles fatally met in the Babcock and Galley intersection.

Witnesses told police Weisse was weaving in and out of lanes "flipping people off" and "jamming out" to loud music as he flew down the road upward of 70 mph. A witness who saw the moment of impact said he saw Weisse's Jeep make a dramatic swerve into the Dailys' van.

It would later be discovered Weisse's blood-alcohol limit was double the legal amount.

Danya Daily and Trevor Weisse -- who police said was not wearing a seat belt -- died at the scene. James Daily only survived long enough to be transported to the hospital.

Austin Weisse was the sole survivor of the crash.

Prosecutors asked for no less than 25 years for Weisse, telling the judge he did not appear to grasp the severity of what he had done. The defense argued Weisse did feel remorse.

The defendant broke down in tears during the sentencing, telling a courtroom that included his mother and the Dailys' daughter that he wished he could take the night back and that he accepted his punishment. He said he was depressed over losing his brother, who had only been in Colorado Springs for a day when he died.

The Dailys' daughter and son-in-law told the room Danya and James were active members of the community who took care of their grandchildren every week. Telling those children that they lost their grandparents in such a tragic manner was one of the most difficult things they've ever had to do, the son-in-law said.

As he handed Weisse his sentence, the judge said he took into account Weisse's lack of previous DUI offenses among other things, but could not let Weisse out of a prison sentence. The crash -- the deadliest DUI crash case to cross his bench -- was too severe not to demand time in prison, the judge said.