Multiple arrests made in massive string of Colorado Springs robberies

From left to right: Charles Jackson Jr., Jessica Martin and Jamire Flores. Photos courtesy: CSPD
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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Police announced on Thursday they arrested multiple juveniles in custody they believe are tied to more than a dozen robberies.

In early April police started investigating several different robbery patterns. Detective believe two groups of people were operating independently of one another, even though both patterns started on April 6.

The first pattern of robberies happened April 6 to the 9. The suspects, armed with handguns or other weapons, approached victims on the street or in convenience stores and demanded their property. Five arrests have been made in connection with that investigation. The arrestees include three juvenile males, one juvenile female, and one adult male. The 18-year-old man is identified as Charles Jackson Jr., a resident of Colorado Springs. This pattern included the following robberies:

4/6/2019 - Personal Robbery, 4800 Ridenour Drive

4/6/2019 - 7 Eleven, 1426 North Academy Blvd.

4/6/2019-7 Eleven, 3877 Astrozon Blvd.

4/6/2019-Kum & Go, 2588 Airport Road

4/7/2019-Attempted Carjacking, 4770 Drennan Road

4/7/2019-Carjacking, 2100 Vickers Drive

4/9/2019-Carjacking, 900 Nordic Drive

Authorities still need help identifying the victim in the April 7 attempted carjacking. At about 1 in the morning the day, a woman was seen leaving a convenient store when a suspect approached her. One of the suspects implied they were armed and took the victim's keys. The victim demanded her keys back and pulled out her own gun, according to police. The victim pointed the gun at the suspects, who reportedly threw the victim's car keys back and left in a different stolen vehicle. If you know the victim in this incident, please call police at 719-444-7000.

The second set of robberies happened from April 6 to the 18.

The suspects in this pattern drove stolen vehicles to commit armed robberies of convenience stores and individuals. Seven arrests have been made in connection with this investigation. The arrestees include four juvenile females, one juvenile male, one adult female, and one adult male. The 18-year-old woman arrested is Jessica Martin, who is a resident of Colorado Springs. The man was identified as 18-year-old Jamire Flores and is a resident of El Paso County. This pattern includes the following robberies:

4/6/2019-Kwik Way, 3045 Jet Wing drive

4/6/2019-Diamond Shamrock, 4825 Galley Road

4/14/2019-Diamond Shamrock, 4825 Galley Road

4/14/2019 Home Invasion, 100 Westmoreland Road

4/14/2019 7 Eleven, 6028 Dublin Blvd.

4/15/2019 Personal Robbery, 1700 North Powers Blvd.

4/15/2019 Home Invasion, Half Moon Drive

4/17/2019 7 Eleven, 7692 Barnes Road

4/18/2019 Personal Robbery, 3300 Cinema Point

If you have any information on these crimes you're asked to call police at 719-444-7000.