Mouse caught on camera inside 7-Eleven fridge (Video inside link)

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Not the sight you ever want to see when grabbing that Red Bull or bottled water: a mouse, running around inside a convenience store refrigerator.

That was exactly what one 11 News viewer says she saw at the 7-Eleven on Austin Bluffs near Barnes in Colorado Springs. She sent the newsroom a video as proof.

Public records show this may not be a brand new problem -- during an inspection three weeks ago, the El Paso County Health Department discovered rodent dropping throughout a room in the back of the store. The store received five violations at that time.

11 News reporter Robbie Reynold spoke with the health department to find out what's being done about the issue.

The health department confirmed it sent an inspector to the store late last week and did find mice. A pest control company was then called to place traps and seal any holes that mice could sneak through.

From there, the pest control company will visit the store twice a month until the problem is resolved and once a month from then on. The health department will send one of their inspectors to follow up with the store in March.

Public health officials say there are cases where there are enough rodents to warrant shutting a business down. This case did not meet that standard.

The store declined to comment, referring 11 News to their corporate office. Corporate sent the following statement Tuesday:

"The safety and well-being of our 7-Eleven employees and customers is of utmost importance. This location was owned by an independent franchise owner until 1/16/19. This location is now corporate owned and we are working to provide employees and customers a safe and clean environment.”