Mountain lion kitten made sick from bratwurst released back into the wild

The mountain lion kitten is all grown up and thriving. Wildlife officers released it back into the wild the first weekend of June. (Photo: Colorado Parks and Wildlife)
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WALSENBURG, Colo. (KKTV) - A mountain lion kitten rescued from a couple feeding it bratwurst is all grown up and leaving "home" for the great outdoors.

Last November, Colorado Parks and Wildlife was alerted to a social media post by a couple in Walsenburg showing the kitten in a cage and claiming they found it in a snowbank after a snowplow passed by. Wildlife officers investigated and discovered the couple's claim that they had released the baby animal back into the wild was false -- it was still living in the home and had fallen ill thanks to the human food it was being fed.

The cat spent the next several months recovering at Wet Mountain Wildlife Rehabilitation in Wetmore. Monday, CPW announced the mountain lion was ready to venture out on his own:

The incident could have turned out much differently since the kitten, estimated by wildlife biologists to be three months old at the time it was found, was fed human food when it probably was not yet weaned from its mother’s milk and may have only eaten regurgitated solids from its mother.

If you find a baby animal you believe may have been abandoned, do not move it or feed it. Call wildlife officers right away.