More neighborhood watch groups in Pueblo

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PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) - There are more neighborhood watch groups in Pueblo according to statistics from the Pueblo Police Department.

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In 2015, there were just 16 groups. That number grew to 31 groups in 2016.

Heather Maio helped organize the neighborhood watch group in her neighborhood on Pueblo's north side.

"On our street there were numerous break-ins and one of my good friends experienced a break in. She lives by herself and was pretty frightened and she started the idea that we need to get things rolling," said Maio.

Since the group came together, they've been able to watch out for each other and lower the crime rate in their area.

"The other day, someone said there was a person walking around looking into mailboxes and opening them and immediately I got an email about that. We put some information out to be more aware of when your mail arrives and get it inside," said Maio.

Officer Brandon Beauvais organizes the neighborhood watch program through the Pueblo Police Department. He says more people are taking an active role in their area to deter crime.

"It's a partnership between the police department as well as community members and that is how we get things done. That's how we solve problems," said Beauvais.

There are requirements for a neighborhood watch group.

The group is required to communicate with the Pueblo Police Department and have one meeting a year with a police officer present.

Maio says Beauvais has done a great job with her group by giving them tips and different ideas on how to report crime and suspicious activity.

To start a neighborhood watch group in Pueblo, establish a coordinator on your block. Begin talking with your neighbors to see who else is interested. Once you have enough interest, contact the Pueblo Police Department Crime Prevention Officer Brandon Beauvais at 719-553-2484.