Momma bear, cubs get inside Colorado Springs home, put down for safety reasons

Published: Nov. 13, 2017 at 11:08 PM MST
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A momma bear and her two cubs ran into a woman's garage and went into her home Monday evening.

It happened in a neighborhood on the southwest side of the springs near North Cheyenne Canyon Park.

The homeowner says she was cleaning her garage this afternoon, and went into her backyard briefly. As she was coming around the back steps she saw two cubs in her driveway and the momma bear just across the street. She says the bears ran into her garage and inside her home.

When wildlife officers got there, the two cubs were still in the house, and the mom was across the street. All three bears were tranquilized.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife says sadly the three bears were put down for safety reasons.

"A sow, it's her job to teach those cubs where to find food and how to find food. We'd hope she'd teach them how to find natural foods like berries and acorns. But in this case, she's teaching them to find food in people's houses. That makes her and them both dangerous,” said Colorado Parks and Wildlife Manager Frank McGee.

Wildlife officers say if you see a bear getting into trash call them so they can intervene early on.

"People don't want to call us because they're concerned we're going to have to put the bears down. Unfortunately, it's a vicious cycle, because when people don't call us, the bears continue to learn people are a food source and the end result is they start breaking into houses and become dangerous around people,” McGee said.