Mobile home community sees big water rate hike

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) Imagine if your water bill doubled, or worse. That's exactly what happened to hundreds of local families.

Cherokee Metropolitan District water customers were told there would be an increase in 2018, roughly 7 percent. But the district also changed the way it bills large meter customers.

Mobile home community The Springs is one of those large meter customers. More than 400 families live there.

The managers say they didn't realize what the new billing system would mean until they got the first new bill for the park.

"Last month it ran about $15,400. This month it ran over $41,000 and that's just water that doesn't include sewer or anything else,” said manager Ginger Weber.

That's for the whole complex. So management sent a letter to each household, saying their water bills would be more than double under the new system.

"I thought it was insane. There's so many people out here who are low-income, on Social Security or disability, and you just can't afford that when you have those kind of wages,” said neighbor Pat Ballard.

The Cherokee Metropolitan District general manager tells 11 News they are working to address the issues. There will be a board meeting next week and they may revise the rates.

"What I'm going to recommend to the board is that we hold all the bills from January in abeyance until they're able to consider this amended rate structure and then we'll see where it goes after that. I anticipate the board will amend the rate structure,” General Manager Kurt Schlegel said.

Schlegel says there would still be a 10-12 percent increase, but nothing like the doubling they're dealing with now.