Missouri teens help remove anti-police vandalism at playground

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. (WDAF/CNN) - Two Missouri teenagers decided to take action after seeing anti-police vandalism at a playground.

A goalpost at a Missouri playground had anti-police vandalism painted on it. (Source: WDAF, CNN)

WDAF reports a goalpost at a playground in the Kansas City suburb of Blue Springs had a pig’s face painted on it with the words “Kill ‘em all.” Jazmine Walker, 14, said her 9-year-old brother ran home terrified after seeing the message.

“He was actually really scared, and he was like, ‘I don’t want to go back down there,‘” Walker said. “He kept asking, ‘Do they want to kill me?‘”
Walker and her friend, 14-year-old Savanna Bardt, grabbed some Clorox wipes and removed the message.

“It just kind of upset me because I felt like there was a different way to express your feelings than vandalizing a public place where kids hang out and play,” Bardt said.

The Blue Springs Police Department expressed its gratitude for the teens’ efforts.

“I think that these young ladies and these young men took away a lot of the hurt,” Lt. Joe Fanara said. “What I’d like to say to the vandalizers? Shame on you. We want people to be able to get out their true thoughts. Come down. Talk to us. Don’t come out here and damage property for other people who want to come out here and play basketball or enjoy a park.”

After cleaning off the graffiti, the teens had their own message for the police.

“I’m sorry that people treat you like this, and we know that just because a few people have made mistakes that it doesn’t define all of them,” Bardt said.

Police have yet to determine who was behind the vandalism.

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