Miami man arrested in Colorado, suspected of multiple illegal marijuana grows on 1 street

Photos courtesy Pueblo County Sheriff's Office.
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AVONDALE, Colo. (KKTV) - Authorities believe a man from Miami, Florida is tied to more than one illegal marijuana grow operation in a small Colorado town.

The Pueblo County Sheriff's Office is reporting they discovered an illegal grow at an Avondale home. The home was also an illegal grow site in 2016 and is on the same street where another illegal grow was found earlier this month at a different address. Both homes are along Jane Street. One is at 202 Jane Street and the other is at 315 Jane Street. An illegal grow at 315 was uncovered on May 1. Detectives received a tip about an illegal grow at the 202 address and went out there on Wednesday. Detectives believe both grow operations are related.

The resident, Ricardo Leal-Ruiz, 54, allowed detectives inside the home at 202 Jane Street on Wednesday where they found two empty grow rooms and saw extensive alterations to the home’s electrical system. Detectives also saw a U Haul truck parked in the back home with what was believed to be marijuana plants inside.

A search warrant was obtained and 37 marijuana plants were discovered inside the U-Haul. The home was condemned due to extensive alterations made to the heating and electrical systems.

Leal-Ruiz, who is from Miami, Florida, was arrested for cultivation of marijuana more than 30 plants. He was booked into the Pueblo County Jail.

In August 2016, Sheriff’s detectives also found illegal marijuana grows in the 202 Jane Street and 315 Jane Street homes. The grows were determined to be related. Both homes were later sold.