Men in custody after allegedly pointing guns at deputy, citizens downtown

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - A situation involved a pair of armed men in downtown Colorado Springs ended peacefully Monday morning.

Witnesses told 11 News the men were aiming their guns at cars they walked in the area of Colorado and Wahsatch. Law enforcement was called out, and the men aimed their weapons at the first law enforcement officer to pull up to the scene, said Colorado Springs Police Department spokesperson Lt. Jim Sokolik.

"It was a deputy with El Paso County Sheriff's Office that located the two suspects and contacted the suspects. During that contact, one of the suspects pointed their weapon at the deputy, but he was taken into custody.

"... Both of the individuals were taken into custody without injury. No shots were fired. No one's been injured."

Sokolik did not release information on how the men were detained.

The men will likely face charges of felony menacing.

11 News spoke to a babysitter who was in a car full of kids when she says one of the suspect's pointed a gun at them.

"I felt like I'm not going to see my kids no more. Or I'm going to have to explain to [the kids' mother] why she has to bury one of her children and it's just something that even though I 'survived' it, I will never forget it," said Thunesha Johnson.

After driving past the suspect she ran out of her car and flagged down a nearby deputy.

"Well, obviously we have somebody pointing weapons at people in vehicles. We'd want to have a large response. This is a heavy populated area, and we have a lot of officers in that area able to respond. And it looks like we obviously have response not just from CSPD but also from El Paso County Sheriff's Office as well. Which we've greatly appreciated," Sokolik said.

Police identified the men as 18-year-old Jason Rios and 20-year-old Jacob Collins.

Police are now investigating whether anyone was menaced during the incident and ask any potential victims or anyone with information on the case to call CSPD at 719-444-7000.

No shots were reported fired and no one was hurt.