Memorial Day amid COVID-19: What to know

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV). Memorial Day is the unofficial kick off to summer, but this year a lot of those activities just aren't possible.

View from Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, Photo Date: 9/27/2011. Photo courtesy: Daniel Mayer / CC BY-SA 3.0/MGN

A lot of people this year are heading outside, there are some things you need to remember .And while there might not be a ton of options when it comes to celebrating, the state is hoping you still take precautions.

"I want to reiterate that with memorial day weekend coming up that this is not a vacation, its a global pandemic and we need to treat it as such," Gov. Jared Polis said in a press conference on Wednesday.

If you are heading out, there are restrictions at lakes in the area. At Lake Pueblo, Rock Canyon swim beach is closed along withe the picnic and group areas.

At Eleven Mile State Park, camping is back to 100 percent, but only the North Shore boat ramp will be open, while showers and laundry will be closed.

At Cherry Creek the swim beach is closed, along with showers, playgrounds, and group picnic areas.

"We're thrilled this day is here but we still need the public's patience until we can get everything open," Bill Vogrin of Colorado Parks and Wildlife said.

Officials say if you are going to travel, make sure you do your shopping and gas up before hitting the road to cut back on social mixing. In addition, still follow the proper protocols even out in the wilderness.

"Wearing a mask in public, especially if you're away from your campsite. And if you're going out on the trails, making sure that you're having a mask with you or if you're walking through the campground," Mitch Martin, the park manager at Cheyenne Mountain State Park said.

You can still honor and celebrate, just make sure you're doing it safely.

"We don't want to cause more deaths and desecrate their memory by celebrating a holiday that is designed to memorialize those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country," Gov. Polis said.

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