Meet the 'Eleven 11 News Babies' at KKTV

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - In honor of Mother's Day -- the first for several members of our staff! -- we wanted to share this story again. Enjoy!

Meet the 'Eleven 11 News Babies' at KKTV!

At KKTV 11 News, we have had 11 babies in our news department in just the last couple years. We decided to wrangle them all together for one big photo shoot. Katie Pelton introduces us to the "Eleven 11 News Babies."

Our studio is packed with bottles, diaper bags and car seats. The KKTV baby boom all started with our toddlers, and it kept going from there.

And going, and going, and going.

There are seven boys, four girls, and a lot of chaos. We've reported on trends like this, but this time, we're the story.

"Every time one of us got back from maternity leave, another person was leaving, and now we have 11 babies in our news department," Pelton said.

We've laughed together, cried together, and recovered from many a sleepless night together.

It took about an hour, a lot of patience, a lot of planning, and some help from the crowd.

Meet the tiny new faces and go behind the scenes of our baby photo shoot in the video above.