Mayor's Advisory Committee Meets About Road Repairs

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January 11, 2016 A group of city leaders and experts in charge of the road repairs in Colorado Springs met for the first time Monday.

In November, voters passed Measure 2C. The .62 percent sales tax went into effect at the start of this year. It's expected to generate $50 million dollars per year over a 5-year period.

Since Measure 2C passed, Mayor John Suthers put together a 2C Advisory Committee. Its goal is to oversee all the road repairs in the city that will be funded by the measure.

The 2C Advisory Committee is comprised of council members Merv Bennett and Don Knight, and three experts. Barry Falkenstine previously worked as the chief pavement analyst and design for Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Barb Winter is the executive vice president of Ent Federal Credit Union. The director of transportation for the city of Colorado Springs, Dave Zelenok, is included in the group too.

In the committee's first meeting, they discussed the process for hiring contractors, warranties on the work that's done and community outreach.

The committee will be working with business owners to make sure construction has as little impact as possible on their businesses. They will also be offering ways for the public to stay informed weeks in advance of when and where construction will be.

Committee members say projects of this size are rare.

"The city government will be spending more money in one month than they have in an entire year, in the past several years. That's an extraordinary amount of effort. It's a very large program. I think this program is unprecedented in the terms of the amount of dollars, in terms of the amount of effort we've ever seen," said Zelenok.

Mayor Suthers said in November, "This is a pay as you go situation, so if we are going to raise like $50 million a year, it’s about $4 million a month.”

A project like this requires a ton of coordination between agencies. Crews will have to coordinate with Colorado Springs Utilities to make sure utility lines under the street are not due for a repair soon, so that they're not ripping up those freshly paved streets.

Construction should start on the 2C paving projects this spring.