Mayor Suthers: Judgement day is coming for illegal pot growers

Published: May. 29, 2016 at 11:21 PM MDT
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Mayor John Suthers says law enforcement will be busting hundreds of illegal marijuana grows in Colorado Springs in the next few months.

In an interview with our news partners at the Gazette, Suthers said that the busts will focus on large, commercial-sized operations, not typical home grows.

Suthers says that the grow operations are typically run by people from out-of-state; in many cases Cuban nationals, who come to Colorado and rent or buy homes just to convert them to large grow operations. The pot is usually transported out of Colorado and sold in other states where the street value is much higher.

The Pueblo County Sheriff's Office has already started cracking down on illegal grow operations in their area. In the last few months they have busted more than 20 grows.

Colorado drug enforcement agents say that they've already identified more than 180 grow operations in Colorado Springs, but they haven't said how many of those they've busted yet.

Suthers says that many of the grows in Colorado Springs neighborhoods have not been busted yet because investigators have been working to link the growers here to larger cartels.

Law enforcement officials say the grow operations are dangerous; often full of hazardous wiring and plumbing and even dangerous chemicals.

Suthers has not said exactly when the busts will start, but says that he expects hundreds in the next few months.