Martial arts studio offers free training for D-11 students in February

Published: Feb. 6, 2020 at 4:36 AM MST
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Calvary Family Martial Arts and Fitness is teaming up with Colorado Springs School District 11 during the month of February to offer free martial arts training for students.

Head instructor Isaac Costley said he wants to give every student the chance to experience martial arts without cost getting in the way.

“I grew up very poor, and sometimes we had to hear more ‘no’ than we heard ‘yes,’” Costley said. “We don’t want that to be a problem here with kids in our district. We want to give the parents something to say ‘yes’ to.”

Students in D-11 can train for free for the entire month of February.

“The sooner you start, the longer your child gets to train,” Costley said.

He said this training will benefit more than just the students.

“The great thing is, the teachers are going benefit from this as well because we’re going to help the kids to focus, to show discipline, self-respect, all that through true martial arts training while also preparing the kids for the real world: bullies, stranger danger, what do they do then? We’re going to address all of these things and more,” Costley said.

Family members can also train with a donation of any amount that will go toward their student’s school.

“To go ahead and donate this money back to the school district just means that some kid may get a backpack that he wants that he usually can’t get or an after-school activity that the schools want to put on but they don’t have the funds to do so,” Costley said. “Now these kids are hearing more ‘yes.’ They’re getting more things that they need instead of having to be turned away due to money.”

If a student decides to stick with the martial arts training after the free month of February is over, Costley said his business will donate $50 to the child’s school.

“As a small business, I want to challenge other small businesses in the Springs to get more involved in the districts that their business resides,” Costley said.

People interested in participating in this offer can call CFMAF at 375-0718 or visit the studio’s


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