Martial arts group holding free self-defense classes all week

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Calvary Family Martial Arts and Fitness is offering free self-defense classes until Dec. 21 so people can learn to protect themselves this holiday season.

“During this time of year, we see there’ll be crime of opportunities where people are shopping, and you have your basket or whatever you’re carrying with all your gifts that you’re buying, and you’re not really paying attention to your surroundings,” said Isaac Costley, CFMAF Martial Arts and Fitness owner. “Those are the times when people are trying to take your purse, take your wallet, take things out of your cart or even assault you personally. So we want to bring up that awareness and show you how you can reduce your likelihood of being that person chosen.”

Costley said the class will first teach awareness and protection before even touching on self-defense.

“The best fight ever fought is the fight that’s never fought,” he said. “If we can increase our awareness and understand the tactics that people are using to take our credit cards, to take our purses, to take our bodies, then we can put things in action to stop that tactic from ever occurring.”

Costley said the classes will also go over how to use your phone to keep you safe.

“Unfortunately, a lot of times being abducted, the only one that knows it is you and the person that’s abducting you. So we’ll teach you how to actually use your phone as a weapon and as your first responder,” he said.

Costley and his wife, Heather, said these classes are important to take so people are prepared. Recently, a woman was kidnapped from the Walmart in Falcon and sexually assaulted. The Costleys say many times, situations like that get people thinking about self-defense.

“People need to be prepared but not paranoid,” Heather Costley said. “A lot of times after something happening, they start to get paranoid, but they have to realize that what they have to do is put things into action and get the preparation in place. Do the training so you can be aware and reduce the likelihood of being the person chosen.”

There are classes offered for all ages both in the morning and afternoon. People can take multiple free classes during the week. The group asks people interested to call 719-375-0718 to sign up.