Colorado man tests negative for Ebola

Published: Jul. 29, 2018 at 9:01 PM MDT
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An Ebola scare in the Centennial State was thankfully a false alarm.

There were real concerns a Colorado man had contracted the virus after he started showing symptoms over the weekend -- even more so after doctors learned he had just returned from the Congo, where there had recently been an outbreak.

Before getting the test results back, medical professionals took every precaution they could: ambulance drivers in Hazmat suits, staff outside breathing through ventilated suits.

Prior to getting the test results back, Dr. Connie Price with Denver Health assured the public there was little cause for alarm.

"The likelihood of transmitting into the public is unlikely, almost impossible. He only got ill this morning and his only contact is with those health care providers."

The state health department announced Sunday night the results had come back negative.

The man remains in the hospital in fair condition.