Pueblo PD: Man stabbed, shot in face, then tried to drive to hospital

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MANZANOLA, Colo. (KKTV) Police are still trying to figure out what led up to a man being stabbed and shot late Thursday night.

Investigators believe it happened in Otero County.

Pueblo Police say the victim was trying to drive himself to the Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo, but couldn't make it, and had to pull over. He was found, along with a passenger on the side of Highway 96 in Pueblo.

According to Pueblo Police, doctors found he had been stabbed three times and shot in the face.

"Based on the severity of the injury I'm surprised that he could drive that far," said Sgt. Zachary Bellas. "He drove that far, it came to a point when he couldn't drive anymore and that's when they finally called."

Police say there was a passenger in the car who was not hurt. They reportedly told officers the victim had to stop driving because he lost a lot of blood.

No word on the man's condition.