Man killed in Denver officer-involved shooting after stealing police cruiser

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DENVER (KKTV) - Denver police shot and killed a man after he stole an officer's cruiser during a chase near downtown Monday.

Photo: KCNC

According to Police Chief Paul Pazen, the suspect had unsuccessfully tried to carjack a driver near Santa Fe Avenue and 6th Avenue. An officer responded to the incident and saw someone matching the suspect description.

"The officer got out on foot and gave chase to that individual. The individual was able to circle back and get into the officer's police car and take off," Pazen said.

When officers located him near 8th Avenue and Zuni, the suspect was holding a police rifle, Pazen said.

"The individual appears to have taken a weapon from inside the police car and was confronted by our officers and the officer-involved shooting took place."

The suspect died at the scene. He has not been identified.

Pazen said there were reports that the suspect may have been aiming the rifle at people as he drove the stolen cruiser and asked witnesses to come forward.

The Aurora Police Department will be heading the investigation into the shooting.