Arrest made after man is killed clinging to his stolen vehicle for several blocks

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PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) - A Pueblo man was killed trying to stop his vehicle from being stolen.

Anthony Finley (Photo: Pueblo Police Dept.)

Police say 22-year-old Jesse Garcia clung to his Jeep as the man who stole it drove away. He fell off a quarter-mile from his home and died by the time he reached the hospital.

The theft happened outside Garcia's duplex in the 900 block of East 5th Street around 7:45 Monday morning. Police tell 11 News Garcia left his Jeep running, and at some point while he was away from the vehicle, the suspect jumped in and began driving off.

"I hear Jesse yelling, 'My Jeep! My Jeep!'"

Rose Romero said she heard a commotion, then saw her next-door neighbor hanging onto the driver's window as the Jeep drove down the street.

"My fiancé jumped in my vehicle and tried to follow," she said.

Garcia fell off after a few blocks.

"I woke up this morning and the cops came knocking on my door," said Billy Baker, who lives near where Garcia ended up. "They told me what happened; apparently somebody drug someone in a Jeep down Joplin Street."

"I see Jesse laying on 6th and Joplin on the street full of blood," Romero said.

The suspect drove on, eventually ditching the vehicle a few miles away in the Salt Creek neighborhood. After remaining at large for several days, police announced Saturday that they had arrested 20-year-old Anthony Finley on charges of first-degree murder.

Garcia's family says they are deeply hurting over his senseless death. Garcia was the baby of his family -- the youngest of six -- and had two small children of his own.

Prior to Finley's arrest, they publicly pleaded for the suspect to come forward and give the family a small bit of peace.

"I just want the dude to turn himself in. You didn't have to do that. Turn yourself in," father Victor Garcia said. "Don't steal and don't kill. ... You killed my son and my baby, and it hurts."

"We want justice for my little brother. You know, he didn’t deserve to go this way," said Isidore Vigil. "... I ask anybody to come forward with anything that they have, any detail they have on this person that did this to my little brother."

Finley is now being held without bond in the Pueblo County Jail.