Man concerned after injured deer sits outside of building for days

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - An injured deer, sitting by the side of a building for days.

The man who found the buck told 11 News he called wildlife officers every day since Saturday.

He says it seems like no one is stepping in to help it.

Clayton Johnston works overnight security at the Rockrimmon-area shopping center where the deer has taken up temporary residence.

That’s when he noticed the buck Saturday night.

“It was walking through here, he had a really bad limp, he wasn't putting any weight on his front left leg at all,” Johnston said.

He called wildlife officials but was surprised to see the deer still there the next night. Since the deer wasn't moving, Johnston thought he'd help.

“I got two more bags of apples and brought them out here for him."

He discovered Monday morning he wasn't the only one looking after the injured buck.

"I went and got another bag of apples this morning, brought them out to him and somebody had brought him some water,” she told 11 News.

After learning the deer was still there on Monday, 11 News called Parks and Wildlife to get answers. They said there is a break in the deer's leg but it is not severe. The deer can live a full life with the type of injury it has, the spokesperson stressed.

Wildlife officers say it's likely just sticking around because it's getting fed so generously.

The man trying to help was given a warning by wildlife officers for feeding the deer. Even when it comes from good intentions, feeding any wildlife is against the law.

As of Monday night, the deer was still in the same spot.

Colorado Springs is considering raising the fine if you're caught feeding wildlife. Currently, it's around $70. If the new fine is approved by City Council, it'd be $500.