Man back in jail after he's accidentally released

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EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (KKTV) - An inmate was released from the El Paso County jail. Within 48 hours of his release, he reportedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend. However, 11 News learned 55-year-old Robert Turner-Williams was never supposed to be let out of jail in the first place.

Now, he's back behind bars. The El Paso County Sheriff's Office (EPSO) said they tracked him down two hours after they were told about the mistake, but at that point, he had already been out of jail for two full days.

Turner-Williams was able to walk out of the jail on Sunday.

"It's not very common but it does happen," said EPSO spokesperson, Jackie Kirby.

The man had served his four-month sentence for not showing up to appointments with his parole officer from a previous crime but was still on what's known as a parole hold at the jail. That should have prevented him from being let out.

"This was definitely an oversight," said Kirby. "Nothing intentional was done and corrective action has been taken the individuals who reviewed that file."

After Turner-Williams reportedly beat up his ex-girlfriend, someone called parole. That parole officer then told the sheriff's office about the mistake they made.

Now, he's back in jail on that original parole hold. It's possible he won't face any new charges for the alleged assault since at this time, no one has pressed charges against him.