Sex offender arrested for attempted kidnapping near Monument King Soopers

 Steven Weaver photo courtesy Monument PD
Steven Weaver photo courtesy Monument PD (KKTV)
Published: Nov. 27, 2018 at 4:56 PM MST
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A sex offender was arrested for attempted kidnapping in Monument after allegedly pulling a knife on a couple at the King Soopers in Monument.

The victims were walking out of the King Soopers on Baptist Road just after 6:20 Saturday morning when they say they noticed the suspect standing in the parking lot. They loaded their groceries, then the male half of the couple went to put the cart away while the woman climbed into their car. Police say the suspect followed after the woman and tried to open the car door. She realized what he was doing and was able to lock the doors before he could get inside.

The suspect was still standing outside the vehicle when the male victim returned to the vehicle. Police say he pulled out a knife and demanded that the man give him a ride, leading to a physical confrontation between the two. The suspect allegedly tried to stab the male victim multiple times; the victim tried to get into his car and was pulled away by the suspect. Police say the suspect then got into the car and was pulled out by the victim. The two continued to struggle, then the suspect fled.

The suspect was found by officers soon after and arrested. After identifying him as 51-year-old Steven Weaver, police discovered he was a sex offender who had not registered in Colorado.

Weaver is facing charges of attempted first-degree kidnapping, attempted aggravated robbery, menacing, first-degree criminal trespass, failure to register as a sex offender and harassment.

No one was injured in the incident.

Monument Police sent out the following:

The Monument Police Department would like to point out that the awareness displayed by the vehicle owners played a very large part in this incident concluding without injury or further criminal episode. They were both aware of their surroundings and paid attention to circumstances that did not seem right. It is important to always pay attention to your surroundings. When moving about in public do not become so focused on your electronic devices that you fail to look around. Always take note of what is happening around you and who is in the area. If something does not feel right – trust your instincts.

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