Man arrested after allegedly harassing customers at Springs Starbucks 2 days in a row

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - A 38-year-old man has been arrested following two unsettling incidents over the weekend at a Colorado Springs Starbucks.

Police were first called to the Starbucks on 4465 Centennial Blvd. Saturday on reports of an attempted child kidnapping. After investigating, officers said the interaction between the suspect and child was "odd and inappropriate" but "did not rise to the level of a crime."

Afterward, a Facebook post by the mother describing the alleged incident -- with a photo of the reported suspect vehicle attached -- went viral.

The following day, police were called to the same Starbucks on the same suspect, who was now allegedly acting aggressively with customers and was trying to coax his pit bull into doing to the same. Police said they were told he was refusing to leave but did finally go to his van -- where officers found him hiding under a blanket. He ignored the officers and only left the van after officers resorted to "various means" including calling a tow truck, police said.

Identified as 38-year-old Carl Black, the suspect was arrested on charges of trespassing and obstruction.

His dog was taken to the humane society for "safekeeping," according to officers.