Man accused of poisoning neighborhood cats with anti-freeze

Published: Aug. 25, 2019 at 10:52 PM MDT
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A man accused of poisoning cats in his neighborhood with anti-freeze is now facing a felony charge for the crime. The humane society says one cat had to be put down because of this.

Court documents for Arthur Brown show he is facing a charge for animal cruelty. Animal Law Enforcement tells 11 News he admitted to leaving out fish with anti-freeze as bait in his Fountain neighborhood.

Investigators were called to Square Dance Lane in December 2018 after a report of a sick cat.

"Our agency went out there and did an investigation where we actually found some fish laying around,' said Sgt. Jeff Rigney with Animal Law Enforcement.

Rigney says the fish tested positive for poison. They had the main ingredient of anti-freeze.

“He admitted to putting the fish out, so he admitted to baiting," Rigney said. "There was a cat that we ended up having to humanely euthanize due to organ failure because of the poison.“

The humane society says the cat that was put down was part of a group of strays that live in the area. Rigney says the motive in this case is unclear, but what is clear is the intent.

“You call us, the humane society, and we will actually give you options or we will investigate what you are saying so that it is handled legally and correctly instead of taking it into your own hands," Rigney said. "You could end up in some serious legal trouble as in this case.”

Brown is expected to face a judge in September.