Major potholes along 31st Street bridge filled after 11 News investigation

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - The confusion is over. Major potholes on a busy Colorado Springs bridge are indeed going to be filled.

It's a short stretch of roadway, the bridge on 31st Street linking Colorado Avenue and Highway 24. And yet, for days there was a back and forth battle between the city and CDOT over who was even supposed to do the work.

All the while, car after car kept bumping over that bridge.

Photos sent into the KKTV newsroom Monday showed holes so deep, rebar could be seen. 11 News reporter Danielle Kreutter went out there to see for herself.

31st street pothole

She reached out to Colorado Springs officials Monday, who were adamant the bridge belonged to CDOT.

CDOT was equally adamant the bridge belonged to the city.

Kreutter followed up with officials Tuesday afternoon and was told again by CDOT that the bridge was not their responsibility.

Frustrated drivers told 11 News the pothole situation throughout the area was becoming hazardous.

"It's not just the number of potholes but the depth and diameter," one man told Kreutter. "Some of these are getting big enough now, especially at nighttime, if you don't see them in advance and run into them, it could easily crack a [inaudible] rim."

After looking into it further, CDOT contacted Kreutter again Tuesday night and acknowledged the bridge did belong to them after all.

Some of the confusion appears to have come from the fact that in that small area at the west end of Old Colorado City, there's a section that belongs to the city, a section that belongs to the county, and a section that belongs to the state.

And as CDOT now confirms, the 31st bridge belongs to the state.

CDOT told Kreutter they would be repairing the potholes immediately. In addition, they would have crews out later in the week to check on the structural integrity of the bridge. If more work needs to be done, the transportation department says it will address it.