Low water levels at Rampart Reservoir, boat ramp closing

WOODLAND PARK, Colo. (KKTV) - Whether you're fishing, boating, or paddle-boarding, Rampart Reservoir in Woodland Park is a popular place to visit.

Now, the water levels at the local reservoir that supplies water to the area are unusually low.

You may think it’s because of the drought but that's not why.

“Earlier this year we had a pipeline break in South Park and so we ended up with a two-month outage. So Rampart right now looks a little lower than we would like to see it,” Colorado Springs Utilities Resource Manager Abigail Ortega said.

Colorado Springs Utilities says for safety reasons, they're going to close the boat ramp on Sunday, July 15 at 5 p.m. Although the ramp will be closed, all hand-launched, non-motorized watercraft will be allowed for the remainder of the season.

"Losing that ability to pump this winter really impacted our ability to move the water into Rampart and have it up to the recreational levels that we would like. From a water supply standpoint, we are still in good shape and are more than able to meet our customer’s needs without problem,” Ortega said.

The good news? The low water levels do not mean we're low on drinking water in Colorado Springs.

"We still have plenty of water in it to meet the city's demands. With the hot, dry conditions, we have seen demands up a little higher then we have seen them the past few years, but we are able to meet that and we are not considering going into restrictions this year,” Ortega said.

Meaning the biggest impact will be to boaters ready to enjoy a day on the water.

Springs Utilities say they have no concerns about any possible water restrictions and say they have enough water to meet customer’s needs for more than three years.